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Area Events



SU 4 Astoria Sunday Market 10a-3p
MO 5 Labor Day
TH-SU 8-11 Wheels n Waves
SU 11 Astoria Sunday Market 10a-3p
FR-SU 16-18 It's a She Thang - Women in Recovery
SU 18 Astoria Sunday Market 10a-3p
MO-TH 19-22 CJIS Workshop
FR-SU 23-25 Allergy Nurses
SU 25 Astoria Sunday Market 10a-3p
MO-FR 26-30 ACBL Regional Tournament
SA-SU 1-2 ACBL Regional Tournament
SU 2 Astoria Sunday Market 10a-3p
TU-SA 4-8 American Kite Flyers Association
SU 9 Astoria Sunday Market 10a-3p
WE-SA 12-15 West Coast Women's Conference
SU-WE 16-19 Oregon Transit Association
MO-WE 24-26 OR Vegetation Management Assoc
WE-FR 26-28 NW District Luther Teachers
MO 31 Halloween
TU 1 Iron Chef Goes Coastal
TH-SA 3-5 Oregon State Beekeepers Conf
SU-MO 6-7 Oregon Association of Student Council
SA 12 Wine Walk
TH-SU 10-13 Church of Living Waters
TH-SU 17-20 Archdiocese Youth Conference
TH 24 Thanksgiving
FR 25 Parade of Lights - Downtown Seaside
FR-SU 25-27 Holiday Gift Fair - Convention Center
SU 25 Christmas
FR-SA 30-31 Almost New Years Round Up
SA 31 New Years Eve


SU 1 New Years Day
SU 1 Almost New Years Round Up
TH-SU 5-15 Pacific University - MFA Program
MO 16 Martin Luther King Day
TU-TH 17-19 Executive Leadership Conference
FR-SA 20-21 Pacific Basketbal League
WE-SA 25-28 Oregon Association for Comprehensive Education
FR-SA 27-28 Pacific Basketbal League
FR-SA 11-12 Sweet Affair
FR-SA 10-11 Pacific Basketbal League
MO 15 President's Day
FR-SA 17-18 Pacific Basketbal League
TH-SU 23-26 Jazz Festival
FR-SA 24-25 Pacific Basketbal League
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